Is This The Year?

Our lives are filled with day to day mundane living, punctuated with watershed events. 

As it was famously remarked by a character in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, “Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.  Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it — every, every minute?”  Thinking about life’s moments, whether typical, special or in between, reveals to us that time is always in motion…and it waits for no one.

For many of us, the most memorable moments include:


                Landing our first REAL job.

                The birth of a first baby.

                The death of a grandparent.

                When we realize our elderly parent needs help.

Many of these events have corresponding smart actions that prove, without a doubt, that we are responsible adults.

If we didn’t write a resume we would not have landed the big job.  When the baby was due, we bought a car seat, crib, and life insurance.   When our parent needed help, we jumped in to the extent we were able.

It’s true – as adults we are sometimes faced with doing the stodgy, not so fun, right thing.  Such as saving for retirement or even planning for our own eventual long term care.

Back to Our Town, “That’s what it was like to be alive.  To move about in a cloud of ignorance… To spend and waste time as though you had a million years.”

If you haven’t yet looked seriously into long term care insurance, shouldn’t this be the year?  Because I never want you to experience a moment when you realize you should’ve.